Chosen Project

  1. What did you learn from your research that you found while preparing your presentation? That Social Media Give you brain disorder.
  2. How well do you think you did on your presentation? (Reflect on the following questions) I kinda did ok
    • Did you “provide an introduction that intrigues the audience while establishing the topic”? Yes
    • Did you “provide an in-depth reflection about the experience (and/or researched information)”? Yes
    • Did you present the information clearly and effectively to the point that your audience was engaged in the TOPIC and were not confused? Yes
    • Did you present information, findings, and supporting evidence, conveying a clear and distinct perspective; Was there adequate research? (4 sources at a minimum) Yes
    • Did you demonstrate well-placed inflection and gestures that create an engaging delivery style indicative of advance preparation? Yes
    • Did your presentation slides include grammar that was appropriate and correct? Yes
    • Do you believe your presentation integrated multimedia and visual displays to clarify information, strengthen claims and evidence, and add interest? yes
  3. What are some presentation techniques that can you incorporate into your next presentation? add a little more detail how its related to life.
  4. What if anything, could you have done differently to change the outcome of your presentation? yes by speaking up and by showing a video
  5. Finish the following statements:
    • I wish that I would have… Had a video and explain a little more.
    • If I could present my presentation again I wouldn’t…. try not to speak up.
    • Now that I have reflected on my presentation, I… would fix the mistakes I made.
  6. Go to ADD MEDIA and insert the LINK / FILE to your presentation.

Smore’s Recommendation

  1. Food INC        It talks about food we buy and how are the food made and what process method does the company use. Link:
  2. Chasing Ice    It tells us about the environment and how it been effecting our economy and the other parts of the world and what are happening to the creatures. Link:
  3. Citizen 4        The document tells us what is happening to our information and how we are not secured. Link: 
  4. Undefeated      The people who are disable or injured and was forced to quit the team instead they try hard and make their life goal/dream.  Link:
  5. The Hunting Ground    The hunting ground documentary tells us that how are college girls are being assaulted and raped by the campus teacher and other students it is very dangerous to let your child go to that school.  Link:

My personal Life about highschool

I am Dan but I am in high school for 3 years already. The truth about high school you need to be relaxed and be a little focused on the topic your instructor is saying or doing because it will affect your future life and career. I was a student who was lazy and didn’t like to do homework but I did understand the fundamental the instructor explained. On my freshman year in High School I try to escape some teacher who use to give me tons of assignments which in the end I was behind in class and stressing out. When you are in high school try to complete your assignments and try manage your time when you don’t manage your time your will be unprepared and unsuccessful like I was due to that I started to do the assignments  then throughout it I got better and got my skills up which did helped me to progress, due that time I enjoy doing the assignments taking test and quiz which can prepare for going to college. The thing is high school is a little learning tool you need to use it throughout your life because you don’t know what you want to be like for example I wanted to be a programmer/Cyber Security  in order to achieve the goal I needed to get good grades and choose my classes carefully which can affect my career. The point is  high school is a minor training for us so we can me set for the future and what it hold us because we don’t know what the future life holds for us. In high school sometime you will get several assignments in one day which I know that can be stressful but the thing is when you have several assignments due on a certain day try to choose the assignment what is due tomorrow so you won’t stress out in during the last minute but then try to finish the hardest one so you can finish the other assignments. In High School you need to get along with people around you and get use to the environment. The life if High School can be your best time of your life or worst time of your life. When you are in High School time fly’s really fast and once time passes you can’t get it back so try to use your time wisely in school and at home. please enjoy your life and school  Peace. 🙂

Pharmaceutical drugs are destroying the Economy .

The Pharmaceutical drugs are being used for the people when they get addicted. The Drugs the people used are over the counter and abusing it for their own medication. The Drugs over the counter are people using for their own self for their help and benefit while their are consequence with their lives. The people who used drugs over the counter are sometime very dangerous which can cost their lives in a way people don’t realize the drugs they use can get them addicted.  The drugs that people use then get addicted then their whole lives can be affected while the people who did get addicted can’t quit which in result of a huge system problem which can give an organ failure with the things going like that the whole economy and the people who around them will change and hate their behavior with them doing the drugs they will behave different with their child or son/daughter with that the parents can’t afford anymore and divorce and family problems occur with financial aid problems. The over the counters drugs and pharmaceutical  are a little  different because the pharmaceutical are a lot more dangerous to us but the result can be different. The Factory that is making drugs are a lot more dangerous because they try to show the FDA that their are benefit but not telling the side effect of it which can cause a lot of life loss in a result of coma or hospital dead bead or sometime pass away.

Social issue

What is your social issue? Hackers are not put to good use.
Why is it such a social issue? The problem Hackers are Capture but they are not being used to help us. What do people disagree about in relation to this topic? They think that all hackers are bad and they will destroy the economy.
What is your proposed solution? The Hackers are not all bad some are good that help us and we have our privacy secure. Why do you think this is the best solution? If we use hackers they can help us and make our problems more faster resolved.
What are pros to your solution? That all hackers can so damage and steal.
What are cons to your solution? I think all hackers can help us and make our safety more secure so none of our personal information will be leaked.
Any questions to your audience members for help on your topic? We have hackers but we look down on them as criminal but not all hackers are criminal some work for the Government others work for your media company and others work for the software company we use. The point is hackers are important to us and our economy without them we won’t have security and media with websites that why we need them to improve and advance our world.
Question 1 why are hackers are misjudge? People think hackers are terrible and they will destroy your life but its our opinion to judge them. question 2 why can’t we use them? the people think they can take down huge industry and it will affect the economy and our lives with jobs.

Should universities provide “trigger warnings” and “safe spaces” for students?

“trigger warnings” and “safe spaces” for students?

In the website ISideWith I picked the topic of Safe Space. Through out the whole United States 35% said yes and 65% said no. The 35% of the people said yes, said provide the trigger warnings but students do not need safe space. yes, provide safe space but students do not need trigger warnings. The 65% of the people said no, said college is meant to challenge students thoughts and opinions so they are prepared for real life.  Some college vote 36% said yes and 64% said no. The people who said, yes wants to have trigger warnings and safe space so they can understand the situation. The people who said no, said they want the student to get the real reality of how is life different then what we see. The people with Master Degree voted 35% said yes and 65% said no. The Master Degree who said yes, said that it is important for the college students to be prepare for any trouble situation for their safety concern. The Master Degree Said no, Said that we don’t need safe space or trigger warnings because how does the person feels when its something that can make them feel sick or emotional. Safe space is about like when the person is going to learn a topic but it can make them not feel comfortable when explaining the topic which can make the person really sick.